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Dog Pack Dynamics


Introducing Lucy to our big dog family, is like seasoning a stew with spices, best done in small doses and with careful oversight. Barb and I have been very vigilant as the pecking order here in dogville must change and adjust. As I mentioned in the prior blog, Solo has never had close contact with a puppy before. She never wanted to visit the pups in the whelping box, while our Riley was always down there sniffing the puppies. Emma is still very protective and hovers over Lucy when she is out of her pen in the family room. Lucy not knowing better, sniffs everyone and everywhere and tries to nurse anyone with a nipple. That combination has led to more than a few growls and heated barks.


From the photos, you can see some of the tension in the animals. However for the most part, adding a puppy here has raised the energy level here in our home in a positive way, as the playing becomes more routine. In some of these photos you will see Miss Purple and Lucy. Miss Purple was with us until Sunday, and we didn’t want to leave her out of our family life here.

LastDays231.jpg LastDays240.jpgLastDays241.jpg

The dynamics of a large dog family are much different that having just two or even three. Everyday is a learning adventure for us all here. The adventures and friendships do multiply alongside the dog hair, cleanup, and expenses.
LastDays21.jpg LastDays25.jpgLastDays22.jpg

We will be taking a little break from the blog for a short time. I must catch up with other life matters that I have been putting off for too long. Will keep everyone informed about the clearances of Riley and Solo in March.

Barb and I have really enjoyed the photos our new owners have sent of their pup settling into their family. Keep them coming. I hope to add a website page in the future for everyone’s photos. As for our future puppy owners, please don’t stop dreaming about your own golden adventures forthcoming later this year. Those dreams are only a litter away.

Introducing Lucy

Miss Pink has joined our famly as “Emma’s Miss Lucy of Brickyard”. Having her here has softened the puppy withdrawal that Barb and I and Emma would otherwise be suffering. Our youngest dog, Solo, has never seen a puppy up close before. She was the sole dog from Emma’s last litter. Losing her place as the youngest is sure to take some getting used to on her part. The last photo shows them extending a hesitant greeting to each other.
LastDays23.jpg LastDays26.jpgLastDays239.jpg


Final Thoughts and New Beginnings

LastDays242.jpgThe last of our puppy children departed today. The whelping box is quiet. If you listen hard enough, you can still imagine the boisterous sounds of the happy litter inside just two days ago. Every story must have an end though, and this book, Emma’s Magical Adventure, has reached its final page. Looking back over the photos from the last eight weeks, it is amazing to me how many different adventures we have had and shared.

Barbara, Emma, and I wish our readers: friends, family, old and new puppy owners, much happiness. Like the traditional Irish blessing that graces many a placque, our golden puppy blessing to you all would go something like this…

May the warm memories of these puppy adventures wrap tightly around your heart and mind. May they shelter you against the frigid chills of life’s difficult moments.

May the love, laughter, and adventures we have shared together, remind us all how the simple lessons are the most important, and that living in the moment is a philosophy that we all would do well to embrace.

Then we might enjoy life as fully as our Goldens do.


But wait… Like the sparks and embers of an autumn bonfire, Emma’s efforts have taken new life to alight and flame into adventures in many new lives. Her birthing efforts now will ripple and grow into individual book sequels that will unfold over the next several years. Here are truly the fruits and blessings of her labors…

LastDays3.jpgLastDays9.jpg LastDays1.jpg

LastDays8.jpg LastDays2.jpgLastDays10.jpg


Puppy hugs to all.

Vet Visit and Last Night Kisses

Today the pups had their field trip to Animal General for Dr. Steve Feldman to weigh in on the health of the litter. Everyone got high marks with no medical issues of any kind. Everyone’s weights were good, and all the boys’ privates were intact. (Undescended testicles are not an ususual finding in golden boys). He told Barb and I we should be proud of how great everyone turned out, and despite the chaos and bad weather, we left beaming. Our son Brian had trooped home from NYC to see the pups before they left. He was very helpful to Barb getting everyone loaded up and to the vet on time. I, as usual couldn’t make it on time, and showed up at the very end of the visit. Everyone got their first set of vaccinations. A stool sample will be done early tomorrow to see if anyone needs any medication before they join their new families.

VetVisit3.jpg VetVisit4.jpgVetVisit5.jpg


This is the last night in dogville with everyone together. Three pups leave tomorrow and then the rest over the weekend. I think Emma senses something. She spent last night sniffing her puppies before bedtime, and they returned the affection. Always a bittersweet moment, as we know how much she and us will miss them in the next few days when they are gone.

LastNightKisses2.jpg LastNightKisses1.jpgLastNightKisses5.jpg

LastNightKisses3.jpgLastNightKisses4.jpg LastNightKisses7.jpg

Prison Break and Time Grows Short

We had a prison break this morning! Early this AM, I cleaned the box and left them in there without the patio fence attached, because they had pulled up another big chunk of linoleum overnight that needed patching. Barb is off this week from school, so she was trying to sleep late. I got call on my cell from Barb a short time later, annoyed that all the pups had climbed over the doorway and were wandering all over the cellar. No harm done! Just them and me in the doghouse for the rest of the morning!

Only three more days before our puppies leave, and there seems to be an air of anticipation in the whelping box. When working or cleaning in the area now, each puppy tries to get your eye, and pays more and more attention to what you are doing rather than just playing. We hold each one several times a day, and they really enjoy those moments of one on one cuddling. Of course Barb and I are the ones getting the most out of these last moments. We may never see most of our pups again in person, and at best have to be satisfied with a photo. So we are savoring each of these last days. Today’s photos show that watching and waiting attitude that each of the pups has adopted.
Waiting200.jpg Waiting201.jpgWaiting203.jpg


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