Springtime Activities

Gabby is now fully integrated into our dog family. We are still a little sleep deprived due to her middle of the night needs, but her accidents in the house are decreasing. Yeah. She seems to add a few pounds and a few inches of growth every few days. Her walking with the pack is better, and she doesn’t sit down to rest as much. Just a little tougher keeping five leashes straight instead of four.


We’ve had a fair amount of rain here in Connecticut these past few weeks. Great for green fields and lawns, but not so much for keeping the dogs clean on their runs.

Solo seems to be the mud hen of the pack, but as soon as she is wet, everyone follows. Gorgeous grass for the dogs to run and play however..

Soon enough, we are home again, and time to get clean so they are allowed back in the house..

Then it is into the house and cool down time..

Here’s hoping they sleep a little better and longer tonight…