Vet Visit and Last Night Kisses

Today the pups had their field trip to Animal General for Dr. Steve Feldman to weigh in on the health of the litter. Everyone got high marks with no medical issues of any kind. Everyone’s weights were good, and all the boys’ privates were intact. (Undescended testicles are not an ususual finding in golden boys). He told Barb and I we should be proud of how great everyone turned out, and despite the chaos and bad weather, we left beaming. Our son Brian had trooped home from NYC to see the pups before they left. He was very helpful to Barb getting everyone loaded up and to the vet on time. I, as usual couldn’t make it on time, and showed up at the very end of the visit. Everyone got their first set of vaccinations. A stool sample will be done early tomorrow to see if anyone needs any medication before they join their new families.

VetVisit3.jpg VetVisit4.jpgVetVisit5.jpg


This is the last night in dogville with everyone together. Three pups leave tomorrow and then the rest over the weekend. I think Emma senses something. She spent last night sniffing her puppies before bedtime, and they returned the affection. Always a bittersweet moment, as we know how much she and us will miss them in the next few days when they are gone.

LastNightKisses2.jpg LastNightKisses1.jpgLastNightKisses5.jpg

LastNightKisses3.jpgLastNightKisses4.jpg LastNightKisses7.jpg