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In and Out of The Box

It’s hard to believe that it has only been one day since we introduced the patio to the pups. Although hesitant that first day, they are now running in and out as quickly as their little feet will carry them. Still a little tough getting over the lip of the whelping box into the paper area due to their short legs. There is so much back and forth activity that it is hard to get the gate back in place without a tail or paw in the way. As you can see from the photos, they are starting to show a more regal bearing with tails held high and  heads up and inquisitive.

Week_Four_Updates806.jpgWeek_Four_Updates805.jpg Week_Four_Updates803.jpg

Week_Four_Updates804.jpg Week_Four_Updates807.jpgWeek_Four_Updates808.jpg

Another small visitor today with a neighborhood friend. These photos show clearly the magic that a puppy has on a child. Moments like these are what raising dogs is all about.
Week_Four_Updates815.jpg Week Four Updates816_1.jpgWeek_Four_Updates817.jpg

New Horizons and Other Updates

Well into week four now of puppydom, we had to change our procedures a little. The pups no longer fit and were no longer content in the little white box while we cleaned the whelping pen. So we attached the little fence and made the indoor outside patio for all to explore instead. There were a few more squeaks than usual while all got accustomed to being outside their nest. But as time goes on they will get to love the extra space.

Week_Four_Updates457.jpg Week_Four_Updates458.jpgWeek_Four_Updates459.jpg

Week_Four_Updates461.jpg Week_Four_Updates462.jpg

Emma has adapted to a new way of nursing… Standing. The pups had grown so much that not everyone could fit at the same time when she was lying down to nurse. So she has taken to standing and letting the pups belly up to her nipples. The pups’ teeth have come in so she is generally spending less time in the box and the pupps get more and more of their nourishment from the puppy food.

Week_Four_Updates444.jpg Week_Four_Updates455.jpgWeek_Four_Updates456.jpg

We had more family and friends come to call on the weekend. And of course we had to take their pictures.

Week_Four_Updates450.jpg Week_Four_Updates452.jpgWeek_Four_Updates449.jpg


The inside ledges in the whelping box were designed to give the pups a quiet place to go to when they had enough of cuddling. Lately some have taken to climbing, while the rest line up head to toe like a row of buses at the station.


I had the weekend off from call so I got plenty of puppy fixes like the photo below.

Week Four Updates454_1.jpg

Our daughter Kristen came home from Boston for her puppy fix also. It turns out that she likes to nap with her dog as well… A pug puppy that likes to cuddle her neck while she sleeps. Quite a face to wake up to, but no offense Kris!


Finally, most of the males are now over five pounds with their sisters trailing behind by a little. Everyday here is a new adventure so stay tuned…


More Visitors and Starting to Play

Today we had the last of the new puppy owners come to visit the little ones. They have an older female and want to add a second to their family. Their children don’t know yet, so this post will be a nice big surprise to them when they open this blog. How exciting for them!


As for the pups, they are more lively now after eating, and romp all around the box. They started to play with the smallest of the toys today. And they are definitely more attentive to the world around them. Still a little early to see much individual personalities. But of course way cute every one.

Week_Four_Updates701.jpg Week_Four_Updates702.jpgWeek_Four_Updates700.jpg

Week Four Updates

Every day now brings a sea of change. More puppy energy, more excitement, and more work. Their eyes are now widely open, their sense of hearing much improved, and their teeth are beginning to come in. Still happiest cuddling, their heads are lifted and they are paying much more attention to their surroundings.

wk4updates1.jpg wk4updates3.jpgwk4updates13.jpg

With their rapid gain in weight and size, we had to switch to larger food platters so all could fit around the table at once. Their appetite and zest for the puppy food is remarkable. The two large dishes are usually empty within a few minutes. Emma hangs around because she is entitled to the leftovers. Not a scrap remains when she is finished.

wk4updates12.jpg wk4updates5.jpgwk4updates8.jpg

Local neighborhood interest continues to grow and we have visitors scheduled every day of the coming weekend.

wk4updates7.jpgwk4updates9.jpg wk4updates10.jpg

Growing up, the closest my sisters and I came to holding a puppy was visiting the local puppy store at the mall. That was always a special treat. In those days, all the animals were behind the glass partitions and despite longing looks from both the pups and us, no one got to have any hands on contact. This is so much more satisfying to see the wonder in the children’s eyes when they visit and imagine the puppy dreams they will have from visiting our whelping box.

Nursing Becomes A Contact Sport

With the pups getting larger, it is harder and harder for everyone to find space for a drink at the same time from Emma. There are several cute scenarios that occur because of this lack of space situation. A pup that doesn’t fit will start to push from either Emma’s front or back end dislodging the puppy nearest from a nipple. Then that puppy will move to the next pup in line until he/she gains control of that nipple. This forces the dislodged pup to move down one spot and so on. This continues until the pup at the farthest end loses its position and has no one else to dislodge in the same direction. So after a few moments of indecision that last puppy will then start the dislodgement process in the other direction. So the best spot in line is in the middle since you never end up without a nipple when the musical chairs stop.

Emma__sLitterFirstVisitors511.jpgEmma__sLitterFirstVisitors513.jpg Emma__sLitterFirstVisitors520.jpg

The other observation is that the the puppies all push forward like football offensive lineman to get and hold a nipple. They also climb over each other and seem to be able to nurse upside down or even sideways. Emma takes all the jostling in stride even when she ends up with a leg/paw in her face. (Look closely at her in the last photo).
Emma__sLitterFirstVisitors512.jpgEmma__sLitterFirstVisitors533.jpg Emma__sLitterFirstVisitors532.jpg

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