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Fields of Clover

These early summer days have been amazing, although a little hot for our dogs with their heavy coats. So we go out early in the mornings before anyone has stirred, and we enjoy the peace and privacy of the fields.

We had a pair of surprise visitors the other day who enjoyed the peace and quiet of our pool. Unfortunately our dogs felt this was a definite invasion of their space, and their clamor caused our web footed friends to make their visit short lived.

The puddles at the high school have dried up, but the irrigation system on the baseball fields still gives the dogs a way to cool off at the most inopportune times..

Some days there is nothing better than just sitting in the backyard, and watching the dogs enjoy the surroundings and the flowers.

After dinner the dogs go out and find their own toothpicks..

Dodi recently sent some photos of her and Walter kayaking with one of Gabby’s litter-mates..  You can see more photos of her dogs and outdoor sports if you go to her face-book page.

Gabby is now about 40 pounds and she is filling out. She is a little harder to pick out quickly from the pack now..

But she still has that mischievous look and streak about her. If she is quiet, then she is up to no good.

And if she can convince Rocky to help, they make quite the pair..

And now to close, and just leave you with a few more photos of everyone relaxed and happy as they well should be on a warm and sunny summer day.







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