Final Thoughts and New Beginnings

LastDays242.jpgThe last of our puppy children departed today. The whelping box is quiet. If you listen hard enough, you can still imagine the boisterous sounds of the happy litter inside just two days ago. Every story must have an end though, and this book, Emma’s Magical Adventure, has reached its final page. Looking back over the photos from the last eight weeks, it is amazing to me how many different adventures we have had and shared.

Barbara, Emma, and I wish our readers: friends, family, old and new puppy owners, much happiness. Like the traditional Irish blessing that graces many a placque, our golden puppy blessing to you all would go something like this…

May the warm memories of these puppy adventures wrap tightly around your heart and mind. May they shelter you against the frigid chills of life’s difficult moments.

May the love, laughter, and adventures we have shared together, remind us all how the simple lessons are the most important, and that living in the moment is a philosophy that we all would do well to embrace.

Then we might enjoy life as fully as our Goldens do.


But wait… Like the sparks and embers of an autumn bonfire, Emma’s efforts have taken new life to alight and flame into adventures in many new lives. Her birthing efforts now will ripple and grow into individual book sequels that will unfold over the next several years. Here are truly the fruits and blessings of her labors…

LastDays3.jpgLastDays9.jpg LastDays1.jpg

LastDays8.jpg LastDays2.jpgLastDays10.jpg


Puppy hugs to all.