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Rocky’s New Home and Puppies for Sale

Hi to everyone! It seems like years rather than months, and a lifetime of experiences, since Dogville went off the air. Despite writing this blog for years, I had to recheck the entry passwords and commands to get started again. A few senior moments may have set in since I retired from writing.

We have just returned from a wonderful two weeks in Italy, visiting our oldest son and his family.

Rocky, the rascal that our readers are so familiar with, was picked up by a pet delivery service a few weeks before we made our journey. He has adjusted very well to his new surroundings. And what he may lack in canine companionship of the pack, he more than makes up for in open space and two little boys to follow around.

Barb and I were both amazed by the beautiful location Mike Jr., Emma and the boys now call home. A 400 year old villa with its own olive orchard and fruit gardens, it makes you thoughtful as you wander around the grounds. Just how many families and adventures have preceded our footsteps on the worn flagstones?

They live in a small town called Imprenata, outside of Florence in that adult storybook location called Tuscany. And what would a villa be without its own “gardener”. Yep, they have one.. “Leonello”,  he only speaks Italian and has been working on the property for the past thirty years or so. Rocky has a new best friend. Very happy for both of them.

So we will leave Rocky to start his second year of life in another country and hope that he doesn’t do too much damage there and get deported.

On that very same note, Barb and I were remarking just how well our older girls had settled down since the departure of that adventuresome puppy. That was until this morning, when I came downstairs to find that Solo had taken off the counter a stack of bills with enclosed checks that Barb had made out the day before. The only trace of them I could find was postage sized remnants scattered on the floor. The entire paper trail would only make up a half dozen postage stamp pieces of checks and envelopes. Sheesh.

I would like to tell you all that Black’s ashes now rest with several other much loved Goldens on the mountainside of our Vermont cabin. I took a quiet drive with the girls and we laid him to peace. Just seeing the old photos of that last litter brings back a lot of emotion.

And now some very exciting news..  Donna Talbot, our great friend and  golden breeder, has a litter of beautiful puppies that are almost eight weeks old.

The mom is Ebby, the daughter of Ella, who is our Emma’s sister. So these gorgeous dogs have lineage tied to our line from our very special Abby. In the photo above, Ebby is on the left, and Ella is on the right.

Several of the puppies are still available. If anyone has an interest or knows of anyone who would like a quality puppy, please email Donna at [email protected]

Although Barbara has repeatedly said to me she has had enough of breeding and the myriad problems we have experienced, just look at this photo, and see that golden magic working a smile onto her face as she inhales the goodness that puppyville is in its best moments.

Yeah, I feel a little wistful as I finish these last few words. But other adventures await, so back on sabbatical I go.

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