Settling in and Making the Rounds..

Gabby has been with us only a week plus, and she is fitting in nicely. She has a very even disposition, and is very good at following the bigger family members with bathroom breaks. She has slept through the last several nights and has been dry in her crate. A very early and unusual  success for all involved.  We are very pleased with her progress.

Traditionally we take the new puppy for her first vet visit and then take her on a tour of our medical offices and hospital locations where she is welcomed lavishly. So the picture diary follows of her first week here with us..

First our visit to Dr. Steve Feldman, a real star in our book over the many years he has cared for all our animals.

Then it was off to my Avon and Hartford Medical  Offices.

She still seemed to have lots of energy, so we moved on to Saint Francis Hospital:  the OR area lounge, and Administration offices.

And after she returned home and had a nap, she returned to her favorite puppy activity which is chewing everything that might fit in her mouth..

The other dogs just watched and wondered what we had brought into our home..

They made their displeasure a little more forcefully known by taking my beeper off the table and chewing it up but good..

But Gabby was blissfully unaware of the negative energy, and just collapsed in her pen for a long nap after a very eventful day.