Vermont Sojourn

Last week I had a some time off. We traveled to our modest mountainside cabin in Vermont. Of course we brought the “girls”. This was the first time that Lucy, our six month old, was going to the wilds of Vermont. So five big dogs, three crates, and two vehicles made the uneventful drive to the peace and quiet of “Terrible Mountain” in Andover, VT. Mother nature rules there, as opposed to the suburbs of Farmington where human endeavors keep nature in check. I hadn’t been up there in a number of months. The foliage had really exploded and was encroaching on our small lawn and house signpost.


The change from the prior two seasons when I was up there with some of the dogs was startling. See the two prior posts for the visual changes: “Vermont Adventure“, “Water Dogs“.

With the dogs anxious to explore, they pretty much disappeared into the jungle of green foliage. It was dusk when we arrived, and all I could see was a golden tail waving or flash of golden color moving in the dark green plant life.

VermontSojourn1.jpg VermontSojourn8.jpgVermontSojourn9.jpg
VermontSojourn10.jpgVermontSojourn2.jpg VermontSojourn17.jpg

We also didn’t expect three days of pretty much steady rain interspersed with a few hours of damp weather. The tight quarters with wet dogs, and a puppy not fully trained, made for very little sleep. The new smells and different wildlife there kept the dogs excited. For the first time in my life, I felt that five goldens there was probably too much. Maybe it was the continued soggy weather or the dogfight in the dark in the middle of the night over who was going to sleep next to me, but Barb was frazzled, and we came home thankful for the returned sunshine and the space of our Farmington home. The dogs of course would have a different take on the trip. They loved the wet foliage, the run in the meadows, and daily run up the mountain road.


VermontSojourn22.jpgVermontSojourn24.jpg VermontSojourn23.jpg