Water Dogs

We are very happy here in dogville that the sun is finally out and Spring is starting to blossom. The Nor’easter we endured last week dumped enough water on us to make our dogs think they were amphibians rather than Goldens. It’s a toss up between what is harder to endure: a week of constantly muddy feet or wet dogfur. Still, these little crosses make the good times feel all the sweeter.

I took Riley and Solo to Vermont over the weekend to see how much damage we had suffered up there with this last monster storm. Both females are about two years old and best friends. Usually we have the whole Golden family with us, and the older ones keep the younger ones in line with obedience and response to commands. Riley and Solo alone though, pretty much acted as two year olds with lots of spirit, adventure, and doing what they wished rather than what I wanted. The snow melt was in full force and there was ponding wherever there was a patch of level ground. They loved running through the woods sniffing for game only as much as exploring the new water features. Still, they made me laugh with their antics. The weak sunlight shone off their golden coats in an amazing way, and I just marveled at how beautiful they both looked in nature’s backyard.

WaterDogsRileySolo1.jpgWaterDogsRileySolo8.jpg WaterDogsRileySolo4.jpg


Of course back home we had Lucy our four month old also following her instincts to swim and explore. We had so much rain last week that there was a pool on top of the pool cover as well as below. Lucy took full advantage.

WaterDogsLucy1.jpg WaterDogsLucy2.jpgWaterDogsLucy5.jpg

WaterDogsLucy6.jpgWaterDogsLucy7.jpg WaterDogsLucy8.jpg

Only a golden puppy could find so much adventure hunting a floating leaf!

We also got great news today! Riley passed her OFA clearance. All her credentials are finally in place and now we just await her next heat for the breeding to occur. That heat should be arriving in several months. Our fall litter hopes now seem much closer to reality. Solo turns two in June and then she will have her OFA clearance done to complete her credentials.