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Family Blessings and Fields of Clover


Today was a spectacular morning for exercise and reflection. The high school fields have become one big blanket of sweet smelling clover.

The sun was coming up and you could see its rays of light reflecting off the mist from the overnight showers.

Fieldsofclover4.jpg Fieldsofclover3.jpg

There was not another soul around, and it was peaceful and good.

Of course with all the rain lately, the dog’s private swimming holes were back. Now however, the ground is relatively dry. The mud is gone and the girls don’t get as dirty.


We all came home physically tired, and for myself, spiritually refreshed.

And what better time on this beautiful morning, to annouce that our oldest son, Michael Jr., and his wife Emma called with the birth of their second son, Michael Alexander, at 8 AM this morning. Born in Washington, DC. at 8 pounds 12 ounces, everyone is doing well.


We give thanks for our blessings.

Animal Adventures of the Small Kind


Today our day started as usual with the sun still below the horizon and the girls going out back to do their morning duties. A field mouse had fallen into the pool overnight and was still swimming merrily along. The dogs were very attentive and not happy another creature had invaded their domain. They kept circling the pool following the mouse.



Fortunately for the mouse, he found a crevice to hide and rest in at the bottom of the waterfall. Riley wasn’t about to let him get away so easily and for a few moments, I feared for my plants sitting precariously on the stonework above.


In our house, only one command will distract a golden from its chosen mission, the words: “Let’s Eat”. It worked once again and my plants were safe. As for the mouse, hopefully he will find his way out unnoticed later in the day.

A short time later we were at the high school fields and everyone congregated around what I thought from a distance was a rock..


Nope, a painted land turtle. A lot of sniffs later we were back on our run.

Then home later, the dogs noticed a chipmunk family in our front island bed.


They have great noses, but they are not great catchers. Instead they were bred to retrieve and hence their name. So like the field mouse, the chipmunks continue to coexist very nicely with our girls.
So while we didn’t run into any impressively sized wildlife today such as a deer, or bear, these critters certainly caused some excitement among the pack that may lead to some sweet dreams tonight.

Swimming Goldens and Best Buds


My cousin Ron forwarded some photos of their goldens swimming that I thought all would enjoy. Sandy is about six years old now and a product of an earlier litter of ours, while Maggie is one of our pup Lucy’s sisters.

MaggieSandywater3.JPG MaggieSandywater2.JPGMaggieSandywater6.JPG


And if anyone ever wondered if goldens of different ages have any problem adjusting to each other, Ken’s Holly and Lucy’s sister Rosie, put that myth to rest with these touching photos.

RosieMay100.jpgHollyRosie101.jpg HollyRosie102.jpg

Reminds me how fast time is passing and what friendship means to a happy life. Hug someone today!

A Golden Retriever’s Dream Home


Last weekend I went to my sister Mary’s home in Hebron. More like a Norman Rockwell farm than a home, she was having a graduation party for my niece, Morganne. My aunt Grace took some photos of Mary’s animal friends and passed them along. Mary told me she wanted to add one of our puppies to her family next Spring.



I think you will agree that that is going to be one very lucky dog that joins her household. Shucks, if I could walk on all fours and grow a little chest fur, it would be a great place to retire to!

Back to reality again…

We’ve been trying to get our backyard in some kind of shape for visitors and enjoyment. Seems like every year it takes longer and longer before we achieve that moment. Due to the magic of chemistry, chlorine, and Barbara’s unceasing efforts for the past two weeks, the pool is starting to look more inviting.

LucyMoments172.jpgLucyMoments178.jpg LucyMoments174.jpg

So far the dogs have listened to us saying no when they look longingly at the water. Not sure how many more hot days it will be before they decide to take a swim despite our no’s. Probably waiting for Barb to say the water chemistry is perfect.


Of course Lucy is in the thick of things.

LucyMoments173.jpg LucyMoments169.jpgLucyMoments171.jpg

Always willing to help when I water.

PS. I think the computer program that sends out the posts had a hiccup last night. Not sure why it sent the mother’s day post again. Sorry for the rerun. I hope this doesn’t mean it has a virus or something! Will ask my website gods for an answer.

Have a nice weekend.

Getting a Puppy: Updated Rules


We started our web site and blog in September of 2006. Then came Emma’s litter in December of 2006. We went on the internet search engines in March of 2007. It has been quite the learning experience. Although we have been breeding dogs for years, this internet way of meeting clients and selling pups is a whole new world.

We have heard from many nice people from all over the states, each with their own precious story of a “golden companion or two”. We have been asked by numerous people to allow them to visit and see our dogs in person, most recently by a gentleman from Alaska who was passing through visiting family here in CT. We had a couple inquire about taking a puppy with them when they move to India in 2010. Many have sad stories about recent losses of their lifelong golden friend to cancer. The variety of the life stories is incredible.

Up to now we have had everyone fill out their questionnaires, and then begin the long and unpredictable wait for mother nature to bless us with a golden in heat. After months of waiting, people’s plans and lives change, and so does their interest in a dog. Keeping potential clients on an updated list has taken on a life of its own. It is time consuming, and as I recently found out, not very reflective of what is happening in the lives of our potential clients. So effective immediately, here are our revised rules:

  • In order to be considered for a puppy, the puppy questionnaire has to be filled out, submitted, and accepted by us in order to get a potential place in the whelping box.
  • We do not discuss your place in line until there are puppies on the ground. As an obstetrician, I well know the hazards of pregnancies of any species. No need to raise mother nature’s ire by being presumptuous.
  • When the pups arrive, potential clients who have passed the puppy questionnaire, will have the chance to see the litter and then place a non refundable one hundred dollar deposit for a puppy.
  • Clients can choose male or female, but the ultimate placement of a dog with a family is dependent on the temperament testing done by professionals at our home at seven weeks. With Emma’s last litter everyone got their choice except for one family with young children that was best served with a puppy with an especially easy going disposition. That family is extremely happy with that decision and is awaiting a second dog.
  • The price of our next upcoming litters will be 1300 $. There is no room for negotiation. Our breeding business is vet recommended. We have so far never had a puppy returned, and the price reflects ongoing costs not profit.
  • We do not ship dogs.
  • All our dogs are sold with limited AKC registrations which means no breeding allowed.
  • Except in special circumstances, we only allow visitors to our home when one of our females is pregnant, or a litter is present. These dogs are our canine children and live in our home not a kennel.

I will not be keeping lists of potential clients other than to keep the names of those who have passed the puppy questionnaire. It is the client’s responsibility to keep track of what is happening in our dog world, and to contact us when they have made up their mind about a puppy, and are ready to place a deposit.


As you can see from the above photo of our then two year old Riley, and five month old Lucy, we breed gorgeous animals with dispositions to match. Every care is taken to insure the best of health, personality, and genetics in our Goldens. The above rules reflect what we need to do to continue to offer our clients the best puppy we can for a lifetime of adventure and companionship.

As for the internet and its ever expanding ways of doing business, I continue to learn every day.

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