Animal Adventures of the Small Kind


Today our day started as usual with the sun still below the horizon and the girls going out back to do their morning duties. A field mouse had fallen into the pool overnight and was still swimming merrily along. The dogs were very attentive and not happy another creature had invaded their domain. They kept circling the pool following the mouse.



Fortunately for the mouse, he found a crevice to hide and rest in at the bottom of the waterfall. Riley wasn’t about to let him get away so easily and for a few moments, I feared for my plants sitting precariously on the stonework above.


In our house, only one command will distract a golden from its chosen mission, the words: “Let’s Eat”. It worked once again and my plants were safe. As for the mouse, hopefully he will find his way out unnoticed later in the day.

A short time later we were at the high school fields and everyone congregated around what I thought from a distance was a rock..


Nope, a painted land turtle. A lot of sniffs later we were back on our run.

Then home later, the dogs noticed a chipmunk family in our front island bed.


They have great noses, but they are not great catchers. Instead they were bred to retrieve and hence their name. So like the field mouse, the chipmunks continue to coexist very nicely with our girls.
So while we didn’t run into any impressively sized wildlife today such as a deer, or bear, these critters certainly caused some excitement among the pack that may lead to some sweet dreams tonight.