A Golden Retriever’s Dream Home


Last weekend I went to my sister Mary’s home in Hebron. More like a Norman Rockwell farm than a home, she was having a graduation party for my niece, Morganne. My aunt Grace took some photos of Mary’s animal friends and passed them along. Mary told me she wanted to add one of our puppies to her family next Spring.



I think you will agree that that is going to be one very lucky dog that joins her household. Shucks, if I could walk on all fours and grow a little chest fur, it would be a great place to retire to!

Back to reality again…

We’ve been trying to get our backyard in some kind of shape for visitors and enjoyment. Seems like every year it takes longer and longer before we achieve that moment. Due to the magic of chemistry, chlorine, and Barbara’s unceasing efforts for the past two weeks, the pool is starting to look more inviting.

LucyMoments172.jpgLucyMoments178.jpg LucyMoments174.jpg

So far the dogs have listened to us saying no when they look longingly at the water. Not sure how many more hot days it will be before they decide to take a swim despite our no’s. Probably waiting for Barb to say the water chemistry is perfect.


Of course Lucy is in the thick of things.

LucyMoments173.jpg LucyMoments169.jpgLucyMoments171.jpg

Always willing to help when I water.

PS. I think the computer program that sends out the posts had a hiccup last night. Not sure why it sent the mother’s day post again. Sorry for the rerun. I hope this doesn’t mean it has a virus or something! Will ask my website gods for an answer.

Have a nice weekend.

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  1. Donna Talbot Says:

    I can’t believe that Mary and her farm animals are just a few doors down from me! How weird is that that we would end up “related” through our dogs. Well, tomorrow is a very big day in your house and in mine. Ella and Emma’s 5th birthday. It will always remind us of how long we’ve known each other. You gave me the most amazing gift when you allowed Sydney and I to buy “Miss Orange Collar”. She’s one in a million!

  2. Ollie Picard Says:

    As Tucker, from Emma’s litter, lays next to my feet as I reread and view the pics from the pool, etc. – I am filled up with good feelings about how great it is to share in the golden life. Tucker is our third golden and maybe it’s because our kids are grown or maybe it’s because I am wiser or maybe I knew it all along – but it is wonderful to share my life with such a great dog. I know that there are lots of special dogs out there – but golden’s are really special in my heart. I hope all of the littermates are doing well – I think of them and wonder about a reunion in a park sometime? Is that pushing it? I’m open to the idea. Hi to all. Ollie

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