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For A Mother’s Labors We Give Thanks


For almost thirty years now I have been privileged to participate in that amazing miracle of life called birth. I have watched as thousands of women of all races, ages, and nationalities have dedicated their mental, physical, and spiritual energies to accomplish that most difficult journey that results in another living being. Picture the growth of a beautiful flower, in slow motion photography, that slowly grows from a seedling, and then enlarges into a mature plant that soon will spill forth its colorful blossoms and pollen. In my world, months of preparation go by as that challenging and unpredictable experience approaches.
Abby__s_3rd_Litter_402.jpg Abby__s_3rd_Litter_395.jpgAbby__s_3rd_Litter_391.jpg
Then the waiting is over. Labor begins, and the mother to be realizes how difficult this journey is going to be. Hours of hard work go slowly by.

Emma__s_in_Labor111.jpg Emma__s_in_Labor112.jpg

Then finally, and suddenly, with a burst of sweat soaked energy the reality of a new life arrives.

With only limited time to recover from that herculean physical effort, the new mother’s work really begins. Teaching, supervision, and love must be given.


The months and years go by and her work goes on shepherding her loved ones as best she can.


I am sure she expects that her family will be something like this…


While the reality is usually closer to this…


So today on Mother’s Day, we should remember these most special beings, whether on two legs or four, whether still with us today or who have crossed over and await us on the other side. We say thank you from our hearts for the physical challenges and sacrifices you have made over the years to allow us to be who and where we are today.

GreatMemereSolo.jpg.jpgBarbpups.jpg_1.jpg mompup.jpg.jpg

And in my own life, I give thanks to those inspiring mothers that have helped me become who I am. Thank you: Great Memere, Mom, and Barb. I wish all a happy Mother’s Day.

Solo Riding Shotgun: Then and Now


The 5 dogs and I hopped in the van for a quick ride to return some bottles this morning after our usual walk/run workout.

Solo was first to claim the shotgun seat place of honor today.

SoloRiding2.jpg SoloRiding3.jpgSoloRiding1.jpg

Driving home her attentive pose, and doe eyes staring at me, struck a cord. I went back to the email program that I used to send our dog pictures from with prior litters. This was way before our website. All the photos I took would go out as an attachment on the email to whoever was on our puppy photo list. So back I looked, and there, sure enough, was Solo as a puppy riding with me back in August, 2005. Her puppy photos are at the top and bottom of this blog.
As you can see her personality hasn’t changed. These dogs are just so loving and devoted to their owners, that it just has to make you a better person being associated with them.

Hope you enjoyed this flashback. And if you want a chuckle this is what I said back on the email of August, 2, 2005 regarding young Solo’s pose…

“Good morning, Life goes on but with a little less spring in our steps. Believe it or not, with only four dogs now, the house seems empty. Abby’s spirit though is very much alive and well in her offspring. Solo had her first ride the other day visiting my offices. She just loved the shotgun spot in the front seat.

Her expression tells it all. When was the last time anyone looked at you with that much attention and affection? Speaking for myself, about 33 years ago when Barb and I were engaged!! Hah! This is why every simple task shared with a golden retriever can become an adventure unto itself. They just love living in the present. And sharing their happiness with people. I highly recommend living with a golden… for happier will you be. “

Trampoline Adventures and Emma News


A golden retriever has the uncanny ability to make an adventure out of virtually any daily activity no matter how small. Put a few goldens together and you have an unending circus!

As you saw from our prior recent posts, they love mud and water: anywhere and anytime. We lowered the pool from the recent rains that had made out of season swimming with them a daily workout. With the water gone from the top of the pool cover, we thought that would keep them out of the pool. Wrong! Like children, they love to run, chase each other, and jump after their balls on the pool cover. The cover has enough spring that they bounce around, especially if more than one is involved at a time. I tried to capture a few of their antics…

Trampoline_Adventures1112.jpgTrampoline_Adventures1113.jpg Trampoline_Adventures1115.jpg

Trampoline_Adventures1114.jpgTrampoline_Adventures1111.jpg Trampoline_Adventures1116.jpg

Trampoline_Adventures1119.jpg Trampoline_Adventures1120.jpgTrampoline_Adventures1117.jpg

You can all see why we are in no hurry to open our pool this year. With the youngest golden family we’ve had in years, golden adventures here usually means a lot of cleaning and drying of dogs!

The temperature is rising here and it’s not due to the climate. Emma just joined Solo in heat. With two “bitches” in season and both alphas, there are more than a few growls audible when one looks crosseyed at the other. We are both on our guard for physical disagreements between the two.

I am contacting Berna Welch of Pebwin Goldens about her Mulder’s availability for next November when Emma should be ready to be bred again. Will keep everyone updated.

We are no longer taking any names for the fall litters of Riley and Solo. We want to be sure we have enough pups for all those folks who have filled out the questionaire already. Any further interest in a puppy of ours will have to join the people waiting for Emma’s winter litter. Thank you all for your faith and patience in what we are trying to accomplish!

Emma’s Pups Are Four Months Old


We’ve been getting some great updates from our most recent puppy owners. Here are photos from some of their dogs.

Finnandfriends1.jpg Finnandfriends3.jpgFinnandfriends2.jpg

The word on the street from the different vets taking care of our puppies is outstanding.
Finnandfriends4.jpgRosie11.jpg Rosie12.jpg


Reports are that Mr. Green is now the biggest at about 40 plus pounds. We are anxiously awaiting those photos.

AsainCart1.jpg MaggieSandy2.JPGMaggieSandy9.JPG

It’s also nice to see other dogs getting muddy and swimming! Normal behavior for this breed.

SandyMaggie1.JPG SandyMaggie6.JPGSandyMaggie7.JPG


Our Lucy is now over thirty pounds herself. While I was putting this blog together, the four older goldens were keeping me company at my feet. Our puppy though had to go back in her crate. She managed to chew through my computer speaker wires while I was typing. Suddenly it was a lot quieter without the music. I keep forgetting we have a puppy again, and she needs constant supervision.


“But she is so darned cute!” That is Barb and my litany whenever she misbehaves in some way. I think we are getting soft.

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