For A Mother’s Labors We Give Thanks


For almost thirty years now I have been privileged to participate in that amazing miracle of life called birth. I have watched as thousands of women of all races, ages, and nationalities have dedicated their mental, physical, and spiritual energies to accomplish that most difficult journey that results in another living being. Picture the growth of a beautiful flower, in slow motion photography, that slowly grows from a seedling, and then enlarges into a mature plant that soon will spill forth its colorful blossoms and pollen. In my world, months of preparation go by as that challenging and unpredictable experience approaches.
Abby__s_3rd_Litter_402.jpg Abby__s_3rd_Litter_395.jpgAbby__s_3rd_Litter_391.jpg
Then the waiting is over. Labor begins, and the mother to be realizes how difficult this journey is going to be. Hours of hard work go slowly by.

Emma__s_in_Labor111.jpg Emma__s_in_Labor112.jpg

Then finally, and suddenly, with a burst of sweat soaked energy the reality of a new life arrives.

With only limited time to recover from that herculean physical effort, the new mother’s work really begins. Teaching, supervision, and love must be given.


The months and years go by and her work goes on shepherding her loved ones as best she can.


I am sure she expects that her family will be something like this…


While the reality is usually closer to this…


So today on Mother’s Day, we should remember these most special beings, whether on two legs or four, whether still with us today or who have crossed over and await us on the other side. We say thank you from our hearts for the physical challenges and sacrifices you have made over the years to allow us to be who and where we are today.

GreatMemereSolo.jpg.jpgBarbpups.jpg_1.jpg mompup.jpg.jpg

And in my own life, I give thanks to those inspiring mothers that have helped me become who I am. Thank you: Great Memere, Mom, and Barb. I wish all a happy Mother’s Day.