Trampoline Adventures and Emma News


A golden retriever has the uncanny ability to make an adventure out of virtually any daily activity no matter how small. Put a few goldens together and you have an unending circus!

As you saw from our prior recent posts, they love mud and water: anywhere and anytime. We lowered the pool from the recent rains that had made out of season swimming with them a daily workout. With the water gone from the top of the pool cover, we thought that would keep them out of the pool. Wrong! Like children, they love to run, chase each other, and jump after their balls on the pool cover. The cover has enough spring that they bounce around, especially if more than one is involved at a time. I tried to capture a few of their antics…

Trampoline_Adventures1112.jpgTrampoline_Adventures1113.jpg Trampoline_Adventures1115.jpg

Trampoline_Adventures1114.jpgTrampoline_Adventures1111.jpg Trampoline_Adventures1116.jpg

Trampoline_Adventures1119.jpg Trampoline_Adventures1120.jpgTrampoline_Adventures1117.jpg

You can all see why we are in no hurry to open our pool this year. With the youngest golden family we’ve had in years, golden adventures here usually means a lot of cleaning and drying of dogs!

The temperature is rising here and it’s not due to the climate. Emma just joined Solo in heat. With two “bitches” in season and both alphas, there are more than a few growls audible when one looks crosseyed at the other. We are both on our guard for physical disagreements between the two.

I am contacting Berna Welch of Pebwin Goldens about her Mulder’s availability for next November when Emma should be ready to be bred again. Will keep everyone updated.

We are no longer taking any names for the fall litters of Riley and Solo. We want to be sure we have enough pups for all those folks who have filled out the questionaire already. Any further interest in a puppy of ours will have to join the people waiting for Emma’s winter litter. Thank you all for your faith and patience in what we are trying to accomplish!