Emma’s Pups Are Four Months Old


We’ve been getting some great updates from our most recent puppy owners. Here are photos from some of their dogs.

Finnandfriends1.jpg Finnandfriends3.jpgFinnandfriends2.jpg

The word on the street from the different vets taking care of our puppies is outstanding.
Finnandfriends4.jpgRosie11.jpg Rosie12.jpg


Reports are that Mr. Green is now the biggest at about 40 plus pounds. We are anxiously awaiting those photos.

AsainCart1.jpg MaggieSandy2.JPGMaggieSandy9.JPG

It’s also nice to see other dogs getting muddy and swimming! Normal behavior for this breed.

SandyMaggie1.JPG SandyMaggie6.JPGSandyMaggie7.JPG


Our Lucy is now over thirty pounds herself. While I was putting this blog together, the four older goldens were keeping me company at my feet. Our puppy though had to go back in her crate. She managed to chew through my computer speaker wires while I was typing. Suddenly it was a lot quieter without the music. I keep forgetting we have a puppy again, and she needs constant supervision.


“But she is so darned cute!” That is Barb and my litany whenever she misbehaves in some way. I think we are getting soft.