Week Four Updates

Every day now brings a sea of change. More puppy energy, more excitement, and more work. Their eyes are now widely open, their sense of hearing much improved, and their teeth are beginning to come in. Still happiest cuddling, their heads are lifted and they are paying much more attention to their surroundings.

wk4updates1.jpg wk4updates3.jpgwk4updates13.jpg

With their rapid gain in weight and size, we had to switch to larger food platters so all could fit around the table at once. Their appetite and zest for the puppy food is remarkable. The two large dishes are usually empty within a few minutes. Emma hangs around because she is entitled to the leftovers. Not a scrap remains when she is finished.

wk4updates12.jpg wk4updates5.jpgwk4updates8.jpg

Local neighborhood interest continues to grow and we have visitors scheduled every day of the coming weekend.

wk4updates7.jpgwk4updates9.jpg wk4updates10.jpg

Growing up, the closest my sisters and I came to holding a puppy was visiting the local puppy store at the mall. That was always a special treat. In those days, all the animals were behind the glass partitions and despite longing looks from both the pups and us, no one got to have any hands on contact. This is so much more satisfying to see the wonder in the children’s eyes when they visit and imagine the puppy dreams they will have from visiting our whelping box.