Welcoming.. Gabby, “Green Collar Girl”

Here she is… Our newest female member of our family. Posing for a piece of cheese, and licking her muzzle. More photos to follow this weekend when she officially arrives here in Dogville.

Thank you to all who sent us such positive messages after getting our first blog email out of the blue in two and a half years. And to think some have already put their name on our list for the next litter. Thank you for such positive thinking.
Mike and Barb.

A New Day and a New Puppy for FVG

Hi Everyone,

I am not sure who is still on our blog post list, but it has been a long two and a half years since I wrote anything for our website. Like Barb and I, our dogs have grown older, and faced illnesses, and various senior citizen issues. We are sad to report that we lost Emma and Lily last Winter and Spring. Both had cancers that are common to the golden retriever line. Both had brought years of  joy and adventures that can’t be replaced, but they will forever be etched in the memories of ourselves, our children, and our golden friends. Below is a group photo taken in the fall before they fell ill. Emma is on the upper left, and Lily is on the upper right.

But it is a new Spring, and with that season comes new life and hope for better times. Barbara decided she was ready to try raising another puppy, and we both committed to going through the rigors and uncertainty of getting clearances for breeding.  It is ironic that we ended up with Dodi Borsay Horowitz of Mardovar Goldens in North Kingston, RI. Back in 1984 we inquired of her about a breeder in our area. She referred us to Cindy Jones of Golden Joy Kennels, and Peaches came to us as our first Golden retriever. Now in less than one week, we will be picking up a young female puppy from Dodi’s latest litter. The Circle of life took 28 years to return to its beginning. Dodi has four females, and one of them will be ours.

I have included the four females below from the photos Dodi posted in Facebook this week.

These dogs have an English Golden heritage, and it will be interesting to see how she grows and differs from the lines that we have become used to. These young ladies are all gorgeous, and we thank Dodi for her faith in letting us have one of her pups.

So for any of our prior golden friends who have shared time beside our whelping box, and maybe have taken home a puppy, we are pleased to announce that we are back. We hope mother nature will be kinder to us and our females going forward. And if you have a time frame for a dog that is two plus years out, we may have a four legged friend that wants to share your life.


Mike and Barbara.

Rocky’s New Home and Puppies for Sale

Hi to everyone! It seems like years rather than months, and a lifetime of experiences, since Dogville went off the air. Despite writing this blog for years, I had to recheck the entry passwords and commands to get started again. A few senior moments may have set in since I retired from writing.

We have just returned from a wonderful two weeks in Italy, visiting our oldest son and his family.

Rocky, the rascal that our readers are so familiar with, was picked up by a pet delivery service a few weeks before we made our journey. He has adjusted very well to his new surroundings. And what he may lack in canine companionship of the pack, he more than makes up for in open space and two little boys to follow around.

Barb and I were both amazed by the beautiful location Mike Jr., Emma and the boys now call home. A 400 year old villa with its own olive orchard and fruit gardens, it makes you thoughtful as you wander around the grounds. Just how many families and adventures have preceded our footsteps on the worn flagstones?

They live in a small town called Imprenata, outside of Florence in that adult storybook location called Tuscany. And what would a villa be without its own “gardener”. Yep, they have one.. “Leonello”,  he only speaks Italian and has been working on the property for the past thirty years or so. Rocky has a new best friend. Very happy for both of them.

So we will leave Rocky to start his second year of life in another country and hope that he doesn’t do too much damage there and get deported.

On that very same note, Barb and I were remarking just how well our older girls had settled down since the departure of that adventuresome puppy. That was until this morning, when I came downstairs to find that Solo had taken off the counter a stack of bills with enclosed checks that Barb had made out the day before. The only trace of them I could find was postage sized remnants scattered on the floor. The entire paper trail would only make up a half dozen postage stamp pieces of checks and envelopes. Sheesh.

I would like to tell you all that Black’s ashes now rest with several other much loved Goldens on the mountainside of our Vermont cabin. I took a quiet drive with the girls and we laid him to peace. Just seeing the old photos of that last litter brings back a lot of emotion.

And now some very exciting news..  Donna Talbot, our great friend and  golden breeder, has a litter of beautiful puppies that are almost eight weeks old.

The mom is Ebby, the daughter of Ella, who is our Emma’s sister. So these gorgeous dogs have lineage tied to our line from our very special Abby. In the photo above, Ebby is on the left, and Ella is on the right.

Several of the puppies are still available. If anyone has an interest or knows of anyone who would like a quality puppy, please email Donna at [email protected]

Although Barbara has repeatedly said to me she has had enough of breeding and the myriad problems we have experienced, just look at this photo, and see that golden magic working a smile onto her face as she inhales the goodness that puppyville is in its best moments.

Yeah, I feel a little wistful as I finish these last few words. But other adventures await, so back on sabbatical I go.

Nice Beginnings and Closing Thoughts..

It has been an enjoyable week here in dogville, except for the rain! We have heard from many of our new puppy owners, and we beam with pride when we hear one of our furry little ones has slept through the night, or appears to be the smartest golden puppy that ever was. Of course every one is special just like every child. Here are the photos we received this week..

First, Fran reports that Charlie is doing very well. The former Mr. Blue, and the biggest pup in the litter still looks to become a big boy if his paws are any indication.

His older housemate Autumn seems to have adjusted very well to this little rascal.

Then we had some photos of Molly’s Fenway (formerly Mr. Maroon) showing a taste for ears..

Gayle sent some photos of Cooper from Rocky’s litter showing that not only our dogs love to sit on furniture, and spend time in the mud.

Barbara sent photos of her special Tyson from a few litters back. We are sorry to hear that she recently broke her foot in 4 places. We hope Tyson’s golden hugs and licks will help ease her spirits if not the pain.

Cindy sent a photo of her enjoying quality time with her Kati.

And of course, we are not partial to just Golden life, but new life in all its glory. So here are the new baby birds that Cindy now has in her yard. I do seem to remember her having three or four cats, so I hope everyone will get along..

Now like the end of any long running television series, I am sure our fans expect an ending that leaves everyone breathless, speechless, and in anticipation of a sequel.. However real life is not quite like Hollywood. Barb and I are still tired, worn, and battered from the many challenges we have had to face in bringing this litter from conception to 8 weeks of life. My inner muse wants a long rest, and solitude. Barb  moved my wine making apparatus unbidden, back into the whelping area, so the ghosts and echoes of that empty space wouldn’t bother her while she was doing her chores. That surprised me but reinforced that this chapter of our life is really over.

We have made many new friends, and we expect to keep in touch with many of them through the stories of their goldens that we hope they will share with us. Life will go on in dogville with our adult animals. Rocky will go to Italy in July now, and we will take Black’s ashes to Vermont later this summer. I can envision other golden stories that will be written on the glass panes of our memories rather than on a computer screen.

I don’t have an incredible photo to end this long running tale, but instead will leave you with a simple one involving a golden puppy, a hen, and a chick. (Barb I hope will not take offense to this photo..)

My mate and best friend, Barbara, has a heart of gold and a mothering capacity that is larger than life. She is the hen. Without her skills and attention, I could not do any of the adventures we have had breeding. I would say that I am the little chick… still looking for new quests in far away places, and never knowing what new path my interests will take. The golden pup.. the beginning of an amazing journey starting over 25 years ago with Peaches our first puppy, that grew and grew until we had to share with the world this amazing creature that a golden retriever is. A golden gift from God, pure of heart and spirit. I hope you have enjoyed our stories, and I hope this final photo made you smile rather than shed a tear.

God bless from all of us here in our little patch of Farmington. May blue skies follow your every golden adventure..

A More Normal Life in Dogville Once Again

It seems much longer than a week since our first puppies left.

Having to worry about Black’s health issues and his unexpected goodbye, aged our days this week immeasurably. Barb and I want to thank all those kind folks who sent their thoughts and sympathies. Although his stay on this earth was measured only in weeks, for those that met and held him, I have no doubt that his memory will remain in our hearts and minds for years if not forever.

On Monday, Miss Purple became Lexi and joined her new family.

She found someone there more her size (for awhile) to make friends with..

Also on Monday, Mr Maroon became Fenway, and became the third dog in his household.

We are very pleased that the transition has gone smoothly for everyone. We have gotten a few photos that we can share with everyone.

Betsy reports that “Abby” has made friends already with their much bigger “Bear”.

She also enclosed a photo of “Bear” not too long ago when he was the pup to an older and very beautiful “Blue”.

That circle of life wheel just seems to turn too quickly for my liking.

Our Riley is feeling well, and her wound has finally closed completely. I don’t think she will miss having any more puppies, considering what she just lived through. Nope, been there, done that.

Rocky continues his digging ways and has corrupted Lucy who now follows him around on his misadventures. They managed to totally trash one garden bed, wiping out the hostas as if a tornado had gone through. I guess he wants to make sure that Barb and I will remember him once he leaves us for Italy. No chance of that happening with all the damage that is strewn around the woodwork on the inside of our house. Still I will miss him mightily when the time comes to say goodbye.

This damage usually occurs when Barb or I let the dogs out back to due their duty while we are busy with some other task. It doesn’t take but two or three minutes for the young-uns to make a mess if left unattended.

It was a blue sky day, so the dogs enjoyed the sprinklers and then the small pool after their morning run.

You may think our Goldens have it good, but I can tell you some of our golden friends do have some amazing real estate they share with their dogs. Gayle recently sent us some photos of her two dogs Swimmer and Emma, sharing some good times with Cooper from our prior litter and his owner Sasha.

What an amazing living that must be with water of that size, right outside your back door!

She also sent us a photo of her three napping on the bed.

Golden people must think alike. Now I don’t feel so unusual letting ours take a nap with me..

And to finish this post on a warm and happy note for a welcome change, we have Cindy to thank for sending a photo of her golden Kati with cat Walter enjoying each others company.

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