Welcoming.. Gabby, “Green Collar Girl”

Here she is… Our newest female member of our family. Posing for a piece of cheese, and licking her muzzle. More photos to follow this weekend when she officially arrives here in Dogville.

Thank you to all who sent us such positive messages after getting our first blog email out of the blue in two and a half years. And to think some have already put their name on our list for the next litter. Thank you for such positive thinking.
Mike and Barb.

6 Comments on “Welcoming.. Gabby, “Green Collar Girl””

  1. Theresa Says:

    OMG. She is so cute I can’t stand it!!!!

    This photo is absolutely PERFECT. We cannot wait to meet her!

  2. Mary Palmee Says:

    Congrats! She is so cute!!!

  3. Mary Palmer Says:

    Congrats! She is so cute!!!

  4. Donna Talbot Says:


  5. Bobby Says:

    Happy to know you’re having another litter, lucky puppies and lucky Bourques. Gabby looks like a gem.

  6. Mare Says:

    She is precious!!! I hope I get to meet her soon!!!

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