Puppyville Week Six

We had a busy finish to our week here with multiple visitors, friends, and neighbors over to get their puppy hugs today. While the weather wasn’t the best, we did manage to get everyone outside for their first look at the outside world on Friday and Saturday for a time.

The big dogs also got their first closeup looks at the puppies. After a few initial rumbles, everyone settled down. The mother of our last three litters, Emma, felt she should be involved, but the real mother, Riley, has lost total interest in her babies. I guess a life threatening event could give her postpartum blues, even though she is a dog.

Happily, Riley continues to improve. She has gotten so used to her twice a day dressing changes that we laugh when we call her now. She just plops down, rolls over, and waits for her personalized nursing care to begin.

Her wound looks so much better than the initial starting point photos that Barb took off the blog. She said it wouldn’t do to have people getting sick reading about dogville.

Rocky continues to amaze me with new ways to find mischief from week to week. The latest was when I was out planting flowers, and there he was: on the wrong side of my fences sitting on our tulips looking relaxed and comfortable.

Mr. Black continues to grow and slowly develop.

We brought him to the vet last week, but nothing could be determined about his hearing at this point. He is starting to follow visually, so that is a big improvement. We hope that he will find his way to the same point at his littermates, but at a slower pace. We are looking for a special name for him. We will be keeping him for awhile until we can determine his capabilities. So if you have a special name that might fit his status or his one Cocker Spaniel styled ear, please send it along to us.

Here is the red carpet photo journal of our visitors this week:

The favorite part of my day is the early morning, when the pups have eaten, and we are giving them all a bath. They now enjoy the warm water, and like even better getting toweled off and fluffed up. It is a quiet time with just us and the little ones. Nothing like getting covered in their magic puppy dust to start my day with a warm and fuzzy glow.

The work is increasing now with the puppies getting more active. They want more attention, and it takes more of an effort to keep them clean. However, Barb and I know that there are only two more weeks to share these special moments, so we do our dog duties with bittersweet thoughts about that final day that is soon approaching…. when they will leave us forever.