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Mr. Black’s Recovery and First New Family Photos

We are thankful to report to all that our little guy, Mr. Black, is making a grand recovery. After that very serious and rare bowel obstruction, followed by emergency surgery at Tufts, we weren’t sure what to expect. Now a week later, he is full of energy, regaining the weight he has lost, and is trying to find his place among the very big and teritorial golden girls living here.

We have decided to keep him in our family. With already about four thousand dollars in medical costs attributed to this misadventure, it was not a good idea to place him with a family that expected a “perfect puppy”. Our waiting family’s disappointment was palpable, but we hope to be able to grant them first pick on the next litter.

Trying to keep our five goldens satisfied, and separate from our little puppy is quite a bit of work. The little guy is not supposed to get too rambunctious yet. Barb is away this weekend with a “girls’ weekend” in Vermont. So far, the detailed instructions she left, have kept me and everyone out of trouble. And by the way, Mr. Black is now “Rocky”, after his so bumpy start in life. Here he is feeling pretty frisky with the pumpkins in the front yard..

Ken just sent us some very beautiful photos of Rosie (from our last litter) who is now the big sister for little Autumn. Thanks for these gorgeous photos Ken that demonstrate so well these precious moments of new friendship.

So we end this particular story on a now happy beginning for “Rocky” and his littermate “Autumn”.

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