Temperment Testing

Coming off two 24 hour shifts in the hospital this past weekend has put a serious crimp in the time available to keep everyone informed about puppyville here. Tales and photos of more visitors, and another visit to the hospital to render healing puppy hugs, will have to wait so I can stay current.

Yesterday, a very good golden breeding friend of ours, Donna Talbot, came over to do the temperment testing of the litter. The pups were judged on 9 categories: from social attraction, following, restraint, social dominance, retrieving,  and chase, to sound and touch sensitivity. Like the other hallmarks of this litter of color and size, uniformity continued with the personality tests. There were no outliers, and we were very happy with everyone’s scores. “Perfect” puppies all! Thank you so much, Donna, for volunteering your time and expertise.

Barbara then assigned the puppies to our clients based on the timing of their applications and their own first, second, and third choices. Everyone has been notified. Now we are counting down the remaining days to this saga of puppyville. Bittersweet as always…

Everyone was pooped by the end of the morning.

Next week at this time, everyone will be starting their new lives with their adoptive families. And that golden magic of goodness, love, and energy will be blessing ten new families.