Visitor Parade

Despite the threat of drenching downpours this weekend, we have had a nice flow of clients, neighbors, family, and friends to the whelping box. The socialization skills of our pups are developing nicely, and true to their golden heritage, they exude major cuteness and cuddliness. Emma is still forbidden from seeing her pups. She is almost well and we hope by next weekend she can return to them. Her milk is drying up nicely and her antibiotic course is almost done. She still looks longingly at the cellar stairs, but she is not crying as much now thankfully.

Barb has to work extra hard to keep the box and puppies clean for company. Usually a visitor day starts with baths for all and then a manicure. Trimming 200 little nails turns out to be quite a chore as well. We want to be sure that none of the pups scratches anyone.

We just had an upgrade to our website and email system at the end of last week. I haven’t learned the new system so I can’t upload all the photos of everyone I was expecting to show off. The email system is new to me also, so be patient if you don’t hear back from us as quickly as usual.

We expect another full day of golden lovers today. I expect everyone will leave a little happier in spirit and with a smile in their hearts from the good vibes these little creatures give off. I will leave you with one photo of a very clean and fluffy puppy, waiting to be held and loved.