Puppy News Week Two

Everyone here in dogville is just fine! I am getting used to sleeping on this lumpy cot in the basement, and the interrupted sleep is just like being on call, although with a lot less stress. When the background squeaks change in volume or urgency, I become wide awake and on my feet to find the unhappy critter. Usually a pup has just lost it’s way and needs help finding mom and its box mates. With this being Emma’s third litter she has a quiet confidence that was missing in her prior two pregnancies. She is careful about each of her offspring and if she wants my attention, she will start with a low whine until I respond. The pups are now almost two pounds each and feel like plump guinea pigs when you hold them. Their eyes have not opened fully yet, and they still don’t react to noise. So our anxious army of waiting visitors must be patient a little while longer.

Barb’s days are spent close to home and basement. Any noncritical tasks that involve leaving the house are crossed off the to do list. A few of Barb’s daily tasks include weighing and checking each puppy’s health, monitoring Emma’s intake and health, cleaning the whelping box and area, and getting the paperwork and registration forms in order. Once the puppies get another two weeks behind them, the work will increase exponentially, as Emma will no longer take care of their toiletry needs and then we both will be on that duty.

Now enough talk, and to follow are some recent photos of everyone. I know many of you are used to almost daily photos of our prior litters. My time however has been torn into too many directions with the obligations of my professional and mission duties. Once a week is the best I can do at this time with a blog update..

Clients are still replying to our inquiries, so we have several pups still to be assigned. Keep the faith for those still hoping for an email.

When our little ones are not nursing, they are cuddling usually in a big pile. This is when Emma decides to get a little freedom and leaves them for awhile. Also notice how uniform the color and size is of everyone. That is one of the hallmarks of a good breeding program. You want predictable results in conformation, color, and personality with few outliers. We are off to a great start with this litter.


Here are Emma’s mothering skills at work.



The puppies are starting to get their leg strength built up. They still wobble like drunken sailors on leave but every day brings progress.


There is a lot of pushing and shoving at the milk bar on Emma’s belly. Since there are not enough chairs for everyone, one will be struggling to find his or her spot until another is sated and then falls off the nipple asleep.


Then there are those oh so cute moments when you catch one puppy having a little close quality time with his/her mom..


Signing off now for this week. Puppy squeaks to everyone!

PS: We are aware that several parts of our website are not functioning correctly. We will be moving to a better platform in the next month or so. So please bear with us. Our computer Gods do amazing work. We expect to always have our website reflect the quality that we bring to breeding these amazing creatures.