Of Dogs and Frogs, and Counting Puppies..

I’ve had a few days off this week and the weather has been overall very nice. The dogs tag along with me everywhere. They get bored when I do some of the yard work, and so I have to do it in short doses. Otherwise when I look up there are a couple of new big holes dug in the lawn or more flowers missing from their pots. I caught everyone in that watchful waiting mode today, all wondering why they haven’t been out yet for their run.


For the past two days there have been frogs in our pool. I wonder just where they come from? There is no free standing body of water for miles. Anyway the girls had some fun trying to catch them with their paws.



At the end of the adventure all frogs remained healthy and unharmed, while Riley (red collar) was particularly frustrated that she couldn’t catch one!

This morning Barb and I took Emma for her pre-labor XRay. While not absolutely necessary, the XRay allows us to know a little better how many pups to expect. There can be a long interval between puppies born, and the last few may not fare well if she has an obstructed labor or other complications. So this way we will seek emergency help if her labor becomes dysfunctional and not all the puppies have arrived.

She was very calm at the vet’s office. On her return home, she walked onto the first step of the pool and cooled off.


Now for the fun part of this blog: some audience participation. Get out your magnifying glasses and see how many heads and/or backbones you can count! First, though, click on the photo to enlarge it.


She obviously has a good sized litter coming. The vet office staff and us reckon 8 to 10 plus one or so. You can really empathize with her maternal condition when you see how much work she must do to successfully birth everyone. The wait is getting shorter..