Emma’s Weekend Ultrasound


Having a portable ultrasound at our home is a definite plus. We have my son Michael and his company (GE) to thank for donating this very nice laptop unit for my mission work. Despite being a few years old it has a lot of features. The only drawback is that it came with no instruction manual. So I bumble around trying to figure the buttons out.

Today we scanned Emma again (or tried to). The technique is definitely not the same as in humans where you have an absence of fur and a cooperative still patient. Despite having Emma tired out after her run, she had her own ideas about a belly full of jell and just wanted to lick it off.


Still, we definitely confirmed that there are at least seven to eight puppies inside her and probably more. Despite the light reflex from the screen, you can make out the two puppy sacs on the very top right side of the screen. Inside each of those dark black circles is a baby puppy growing.


To give our readers something to compare, here is the ultrasound photo I took of Emma’s last litter about a year and a half ago. This equipment was not portable and much more costly. Hence the better photo of the two puppy sacs. Plus she was much farther along in this picture.


At the end of this effort, Barb and I were content. She definitely has a nice sized litter growing.


And for our recent clients, we have found that three or so of the folks on the top of the list have changed their plans or got other dogs. So that should give some hope to those who contacted us more recently.