Mixed Breeding News, But Still Good News!

Life rarely grants you all that you want, and it surely could have been worse news. But we were extremely hopeful that we would have a double litter situation. Especially when I noticed that Emma and Riley started to hang together more than usual. And nap together which they had never done before.


But… We have to finally acknowledge that our Riley is not pregnant. It hasn’t been a fun week here after we found that her first ultrasound was negative. We had put so much effort into her breeding that even after the second ultrasound, I still wasn’t satisfied. We did one of those 100$ dog pregnancy tests that I just learned about, but had to wait four days for the result. When it came in negative today, I did a third ultrasound here at home and it still was the same negative news. Bummer squared.

We then put the scanner on Emma with both of us holding our breath. Easily recognizable puppy sacs were seen in both horns of her uterus. Smiles broke out on both of our faces. Our wish for puppy squeaks again in our home is a good possibility now. She would be due about August 8th.

So now that there is a pregnancy documented, we can show you some of the photos of our stud, Mulder and his entourage here.

Here he is arriving at our home after Barbara picked him up from his owner, Berna Welch at Cape Cod.


Our two youngest females, Lucy and Solo, even though they were not in heat, certainly enjoyed the presence of a kingly male in their home.


He was very calm while visiting us for Emma’s surgical insemination. We really enjoyed his stay. Despite the long trip from the Cape, and his coat not being washed and brushed for the ring, you can tell from his stance and stature that he is a champion show dog. He also has a very gently nature as evidenced by the fact that our 20 year old cat found him easy to take a walk with!


Then it was back to the Cape and home for him after Dr. Huntington had worked her magic with Emma at the Vet Hospital.


Now for the hard part. We know that we have a lot of very patient clients and friends, some of who have been waiting over a year for one of our puppies. We thank you for your faith in our work here. IF both our dogs had conceived, we would have had a chance to make everyone happy. As it looks now, one litter will not be enough to leave everyone happy. Due to our being superstitious from our recent run of bad luck, we will not be taking any deposits or making promises until the puppies safely arrive and the number and sexes are known. For those that may not get a puppy this litter, I promise to work with them and our three closest breeding friends to find a good match. After our two failed breeding attempts last year, we promptly placed four of our clients with beautiful puppies from another breeder.

A wonderful day to all.