The dogs and I get up by 5 AM every morning now. Everyone is fed and then we have to wait an hour or so before everyone has digested their breakfast enough to go safely for a walk. Of course they don’t know why we are waiting so they get a little antsy. I usually use this time to weed or water the flower containers. This Saturday morning they got a little more rambunctious than usual. I was out watering and suddenly Riley comes out of the garage with a Bud in her mouth.


Not to be outdone, Solo then has a can too and starts licking it on the lawn.


Before I could say “Hold On Now”, a few canine teeth had found their way into the sweet nectar, and they were all having a drink.


This was not behavior that I wanted to encourage, so we quickly ended up back in the kitchen. Chewing on buffalo bones kept everyone in order until the waiting time was up and we could go for a run.


Going out to the garage to investigate the source of the beer was a must. There I found an old case of beer from a party last summer. One of the dogs had decided to tear off the top and help themselves.


Sometimes our Goldens’ behavior is so adolescent like, it is amazing. I have now taken to keeping my small camera in my pocket at all times. Otherwise I would have no proof for the sometimes crazy mischief our animals find themselves in.

PS: On the breeding front, it will be the last week of June before Riley has her first ultrasound to determine if she is with pups. Emma’s ultrasound will be the first week of July. I have never understood why there is not a pregnancy test for dogs. Hopefully someday someone will tell me why!