A Time to Plant, A Time to Breed


What an amazing Memorial Day Weekend we were blessed with. Perfect New England weather, and just right for planting our yearly flower purchases. The girls were more of a hindrance than help as usual. Lucy, our youngest golden, had to taste every pot, some of which hadn’t yet been emptied.


The rest of the dogs were distracted by a chipmunk that stole its way into the shed for birdseed. Though they made a lot of noise and bluster, the little critter found its way safely home.


Goldens are very well suited for just watching you work. Their expressions here are a little somber, because I knew they wanted to go for a run. This day I had to save my energy for planting, and so we all stayed home.



They do look like they are pouting though, don’t they!

We haven’t had our pool plastered yet with all the debris and pollen still coming down from the trees. Riley treats the small amount of dirty water there as her bathtub, and you can tell by her smile she is having a good time mostly wading.


Now at last to some breeding news!

Riley started her heat several days ago, and lo and behold, Emma decided to follow suit! So we are very busy planning a natural breeding at the Cape with Riley to our favorite champion, Mulder. We have already started doing Riley’s progesterone levels to determine the proper time. Emma will need a surgical insemination and so we will be doing her progesterone levels in conjunction with the infertility vet. A busy week for Barbara in planning and ferrying Riley and Emma various places.

Here is a photo of Riley after breakfast this prior week. Truly a very laid back personality literally.


So we end this holiday weekend with our spirits full of hope and anticipation. I found this bird’s nest next to our back door today.


We have had a beautiful pair of Baltimore Orioles flying around, and I now see why. We won’t count our eggs before they hatch, but with such beautiful weather, and now new life growing by our doorstep, we are getting excited about having puppies around this summer. Will keep everyone informed!