Pool Work

This morning the rain returned after a several week hiatus. Though this rain is much needed, the prior sunny weather allowed us to get a jump on the outside yard work. We are having major renovations to our pool after 13 years of service. The dogs and I have found the ongoing work to be very interesting.


Though a pool is not as costly as a boat to maintain, it still is a sinkhole of expenses from chemicals to electricity to hours of maintenance work. We are now awaiting the proper time to re-plaster with the final coat. In between the rain and the debris falling from the trees, we need a few more sunny days, with no pollen to stain the white plaster. A very difficult task to figure with the fickle weather here in New England.

Still the pool has kept the girls’ interest while they try to figure out where the water went.


This long weekend Barb traveled to Maryland with our son Brian to visit our two grandsons Ethan and Alex, and their parents, Mike and Emma. She took the camera, so I couldn’t get any more Golden pictures to liven this blog.

Here are Ethan and Alex, already rugged boys.


Barbara left me with strict instructions in keeping the house clean, and keeping our 20 year old cat in good health. She usually vacuums at least daily here.

I found that being a guy and all, the floors looked pretty good just the way they were at the end of the day. It is amazing how blond dog hair will show up all over your clothes, but on the floor it is nearly invisible. I also discovered a secret about floor fur balls. They start out small, but overnight, they breed and attract any other dog hair in the area. Must be through static electricity or something. So in the morning, I just picked up these tumbleweed sized fluff balls resembling cotton candy, and didn’t need to get out the vacuum at all. Now Barb is home, and has already chastened me on the condition of the floors. I just think her eyes are much sharper than mine…