Emma Gets “EPFX” Analyzed


My mother has taken up a new cutting edge career at the youthful age of …!

Along with my sister in California, she is becoming an expert in a proprietary software/hardware program that allows one to determine the subtle energy fields of people and living beings. Called Electro Physiological Quantum Feedback Xrroid, (EPFX for short), the idea is to help try to restore wellness and reduce stress through the balancing of our body’s many internal energy fields. While based on the ancient science of meridians and Chinese medicine, it involves applying advanced mathematical science in the electrical potentials of our tissues and determining what is out of balance. Then it delivers a micro current of electricity to help quickly correct the problem. Sheesh, that is some heavy language! Did I get that right mom?

While sounding like something from Star Trek, this computer software and special hardware is being used in many different walks of life to help reduce stress and increase performance. From professional athletes to medical practices to expensive race horses, there is a lot of experimenting going on to reach beyond the four dimensions we usually inhabit. (Those are: Height, width, depth, and time). Micro energy on the cellular level is another dimension. With Emma’s Spring heat due, and her infertility issues from her missed litter last year preying on my mind, I decided to let my mother evaluate her.

So Emma and I traveled to my mom’s home. She had to lie on this special electrical pad that is used for dogs and horses. Since this was the first animal that my mother tested, we had to call California to get the process correct.


The answers were quickly forthcoming and then we started.

Emma was a little restless at first being in a new environment, but a timely offering of a bone became her focus of attention. The program quickly detected that she was thirsty ( I had just run her), and also said that she was showing TMJ stresses. Amazingly accurate, since her jaws were working very hard on this new bone.


After a hour and a half of looking into various parts of her anatomy through these energy levels, the good news was that she was suffering from no specific maladies or malfunctions besides some mild GI inflammation. (This is probably due to her recent love of chewing her sister’s pooh). Her energy levels were excellent, mental issues were non existent, and she was not demonstrating any internal stresses of significance.


While I am a very traditionally trained physician, I have decided to keep an open mind on this very new “soft science”. The equipment and software involved costs almost half a private year college tuition, so this is some serious stuff. Our plan will be to have my mom come over and test the rest of our goldens so we can get some baselines, and then see if any of the dogs test very differently than the others.

Typing this blog tonight, Emma is sleeping comfortably at my feet. She showed no ill effects from the sampling and optimizing of her cellular energies earlier today. She remains one very well adjusted golden retriever. But of course I knew that before we tested her.