March Morning


Our early morning run today was much colder than I reckoned on. There was a brisk wind blowing through the empty fields, and the leafless trees did little to stop its frigid breath. Still, the outing was enjoyable for other reasons. The land has not reawakened yet, so it was very quiet and absent of wild or human life. There was a golden hue to everything that was stunning.


The dog’s coats blended into the landscape perfectly. With no snow to trudge through, the girl’s really got to stretch their legs and muscles. Mostly I saw only their tails as they ran far afield.


Walking home cold  but happy  with our exercise time, I wondered when mother nature would decide to start the Spring heats of Emma and Riley. When the land starts to warm, and the flowers bloom, the pressure for a successful litter will start to build. So I enjoyed this morning with no expectations except to enjoy my canine family and the invigorating weather.