Just Another Family Member

Barb and I get a lot of laughs and smiles from the stories and photos we receive from both golden friends as well as from those folks who have our dogs. It is amazing how these animals cuddle their way into our hearts and daily activities in so many ways. I thought I would share some recent pictures…

First we have Mare who sent a picture of her golden “Sierra” staying warm during a recent nap.


Then Cindy sent us a snapshot of “Katie” with her St. Patrick’s Day Hat.


Janet takes “Logan’s” dental health very seriously as you can see.


And amazingly, he returned the good turn by helping nurse Andy back to health when he had the flu this winter.


Still, I am reminded daily by some of their not so endearing behaviors, that they are still dogs and have their own inborn ideas of the world. Last night I heard the sound of chewing suddenly change and looked over to see Solo had made a good start on my wallet. The credit cards had only teeth marks on one corner so I got off lucky.


When I picked up a new wallet today, I also had to pick up another leather case for my cell phone. That disappeared last week down someone’s gullet and the only remaining part was the metal clasp. Never mind that these items are on a bureau that I thought was high enough to be safe. At least these items were not as costly as the eyeglasses I had to replace last year.

Like the other human members of our family though, we take the good with the bad and forgive readily, because family is what our lives are all about.