Other Chews

While yet another winter storm rages outside, here inside everything is calm and warm, although a little noisy. I picked up our monthly shipment of kibble and canned dog food on the way home from my Glastonbury office earlier today. Donna Talbot, our breeder friend and food supplier in Hebron, was homebound with the storm. My trusted Suburban did ok, although with the number of pickup trucks blowing by me on the highway, I wasn’t sure if one would lose control and careen into me. Sheesh.

With the food, I picked up one of the dog’s favorite treats: raw buffalo bones. I have shown photos of them enjoying this treat before. It ensures a contented evening of gnawing and noise as the bones bounce off the tile floors. Recently there have been a few other items that have provided almost as much entertainment for the dogs. So without much going on this week, here are a few photos..

Our daughter Kristen’s pug Pearl has developed a taste for white antelope bones. These are excellent ways of controlling teeth tartar and don’t make a mess. They just get smaller and smaller over time until you have to toss them. I think this one bone will keep Pearl occupied for many a day.


Lucy managed to bring in a large chunk of ice unseen, among the rest of the pack when they stampeded their way inside after playing.

BuffaloBones3.jpg BuffaloBones4.jpgChewing2.jpg

Solo has become the designated cat dish cleaner. She takes this position seriously and waits to lick the bowl clean after every meal. She has put a few teeth marks in the dish as well, and she would like nothing better than for me to leave her alone with it for ten minutes while she chews it into shreds.

BuffaloBones14.jpg BuffaloBones15.jpg

Last night the background noise of the dogs chewing contentedly suddenly changed, and I glanced over and saw that Riley had decided to get a different kind of fiber in her diet. She had started chewing the straw basket that holds all the older bones.

BuffaloBones18.jpg BuffaloBones17.jpg

If you kept a visual eye on all of them continuously, you would never get any work done. So you instead keep an ear cocked for any change in sound in the background. This usually allows you to find the one who is getting into mischief before it progresses too far.

A golden retriever’s teeth are an important part of their beautiful smile, so it makes good sense to insure your dogs have the right kind of chews.

BuffaloBones6.jpg Chewing1.jpg

And it never ceases to amaze me, that given the choice, these dogs will be happiest when together, and sharing their adventures with each other or us.