Night Storm


Last week a fast moving storm dropped eight inches of snow on us here in Farmington overnight. The dogs are always up for a new adventure and had a grand time frolicking in the backyard while the snow came down in large fluffy flakes.

WinterStorm1.jpg WinterStorm4_1.jpgWinterStorm6_1.jpg

I am only an amateur photographer and I still haven’t figured out a way to get the dogs eyes to stop glowing when they look at you in the dark of the night.


Here Solo looks like one of those hounds from the fires of hell. When you get a photo of three or four of them with the same bright orbs of glowing yellow, it is very ghostly and a little disquieting. Barb is responsible for a good number of our dog photos now. When I am away at work, she is great at taking interesting shots for me to use in our stories.
WinterStorm8_1.jpg WinterStorm7_1.jpg

I have no idea why Riley just decided to get up on the tabletop and sit for awhile. She has never done that before. Apparently she liked the view because she looks very comfortable there. There is nothing like the amazing unspoiled beauty of a fresh snowfall. If you click on the lead photo above, you will have to agree.

The next morning broke clear, cold, and quiet. Since the schools were closed, we had the fields to ourselves. Just the way we like it. You can see the pure joy in Solo’s face as she races along the snowy ground.

WinterStorm11.jpgWinterStorm10.jpg WinterStorm12.jpg

You can clearly see the pack mentality in the next couple of photos. Once the dogs get their exuberance out, they are looking for something to chase or catch. Birds or squirrels are fine, but an elderly woman out with her little ten pound dog is off limits. When they demonstrate this pack attitude, I have to be very wary of what is in the area. They don’t listen at all, unless I get the jump on what they want to do. Once they are off and running, it is all over for whatever has their attention. And then red faced, I have to face the other dog walker’s wrath.
WinterStorm14.jpg WinterStorm15.jpgWinterStorm16_1.jpg

Another reason we like the fields to ourselves. So an early start before the rest of the world decides to join us is always best.


In my mind, a sunrise always will trump a few extra moments of sleep. And sunrises, like heartbeats, will always be one less than you would like, once your alloted number is up.