Very Disappointing News… Again

We just returned from doing an ultrasound on Emma. We didn’t see anything resembling puppies. We will do a formal ultrasound in the next two weeks at the Vet’s office to confirm the situation but it doesn’t look promising.

We are heartbroken for ourselves, but more so for the families who have kept faith with us over our difficult breeding year. Last year if someone was to tell our fortune and guess what misfortunes were coming our way, I wouldn’t have believed them. First, that we would have our two year old, Solo, washed out of being a mom by minor hip issues, followed by our other two year old, Riley, not conceiving using a great stud that we didn’t know was stricken with cancer and who died a few weeks after breeding. And now, despite heroic natural efforts with Emma after the infertility vet was away at a critical time, we are left with only fractured dreams.

Emma doesn’t understand our disappointment, and she was her smiling self in the elevator today leaving the ultrasound.


She is now sitting at my feet while I type this to send out the bad news to everyone who follows the goings on here.


It is heartening to have our other four also close by waiting to see what next adventure I will take them on. Lucy, Solo, and Lily to my left, and Riley on the bed behind me. Riley has her eyes half closed resting, but also half open so she won’t miss anything!
UltrasoundNews3.jpg UltrasoundNews4.jpg

Having seen the havoc mother nature can wreak on the fertility dreams of many patients, I am not surprised by this turn of events. I also am mindful of how small this disappointment is in the face of the patients I saw this week who are battling life threatening illnesses. So, while my hopes have been seriously bloodied today, we will bend like the reed to this ill wind that 2007 sent our way. I will redouble my efforts in 2008 that we might again hear that so sweet music of puppies at play in our home.

For everyone waiting, I release you from whatever loyalty you have kept with us. Below are four of the best Golden Breeders in the North East. All are my Golden friends, and have done their breeding as full time careers for many, many years

Hope is eternal as they say, and I guess it is only fitting that the New Year is only two days away. Then we will start with a slate scrubbed clean of these misadventures, and a renewed spirit to try harder in 2008. God Bless.