Winter Comes to Vermont First


I am writing this post after a long day in the hospital and after what seemed like an even longer drive home. Our first real snowstorm in Connecticut this winter is still raging outside. Inside the dogs are all at my feet, tired out after a day of play outside in this wintry white wonderland.

I went to Vermont last Sunday to check out our winter home and to make sure that all the winterizing changes had been done for the season. I piled the five dogs into the truck and we stayed overnight. The mountain was deserted and cemetery quiet. There was a foot of snow already on the ground and several more inches fell as we arrived. Besides the pure white beauty of it all, with an ongoing snowfall, there is no sand on the roads, and so the dogs do not track in anything but a little clear water from their paws. The temp was down in the 20’s and with the wind blowing down from the hills, only the ice balls on their paws were what they dragged into the house. So for a change, there was very little cleaning I had to do the next morning before we made the trip back.

Golden retrievers love adventures so they had a ball running through the woods and up and down the mountain road.

WinterVT5.jpg WinterVT20.jpgWinterVT7.jpg

WinterVT19.jpg WinterVT11.jpgWinterVT21.jpg

Riley, our three year old, loves to bury herself in snowdrifts like the youngster she still is.

WinterVT10.jpg WinterVT9.jpgWinterVT8.jpg


After arriving home that morning, I still had a lot of chores to do, and so I missed the nap with the girls. They had no trouble nodding off on the kitchen floor as they recuperated from their outdoor adventures earlier in the day.

WinterVT1.jpg WinterVT2.jpg

What a great life they have!

I know children everywhere are having sleepless nights awaiting the arrival of Santa in less than two weeks. The child in me is counting the days until I can do an ultrasound in two more weeks to see if Emma is carrying puppies..