Ethan and Alex Meet Our Girls


We were more blessed on Thanksgiving this year than usual. All of our four children were able to make it home along with our daughter-in-law, Emma, and our two grandsons, Ethan and Alexander as well as my parents. Of course our Goldens get overly excited when we have a crowd visiting, and sometimes it can get a bit overwhelming, especially for non dog people. Ethan is smaller than the dogs and so we introduced him to them gradually and carefully.

EthanGirls4.jpg EthanGirls5.jpg

If you look closely at the second photo above, you will notice that one of our dogs is in the crate having a time out for bad behavior (probably Solo). Also, the swiffer mop is always out to do quick clean-ups after the girls.

We do have a dog free part of our home when we absolutely need some dog free time or space. We put invisible fencing in the floor of our dining and living rooms, so there is a haven if we have company that are not into dogs as much as we are. These areas became the safety zones for the grandchildren. They could play on the floor as much as they wanted and not be bothered by the dogs who just wanted to lick their faces.


We got everyone together for a group photo before they all left for their big city lives in Boston, New York, San Francisco, and Potomac, MD.

EthanGirls7.jpg EthanGirls8.jpg

A very memorable holiday for all of us four footed and two footed creatures here.