Emma’s Cape Cod Adventure


I dropped our Emma off at the Cape on Sunday for Berna of Pebwin Goldens to try and work some magic with her Golden boy Mulder. Our frustration this year with our breeding program continues. The infertility vet has been away on vacation with her return not a good match to Emma’s heat. In addition, Emma is having a delayed ovulation this cycle, compared to last year which has forced us to do every other day progesterone levels. The cost for this series of blood tests is now over $900 so far and continuing. Without the vet being available for a surgical insemination, we have come up with plan B being a natural breeding or an artificial insemination by Berna when her progesterone levels are finally appropriate.

It is almost laughable to think that at the beginning of 2007 we were wondering if we could successfully handle three litters this year. This is our last shot at a single litter.

So for everyone waiting for a successful breeding, please say a prayer that all will go well later this week with Emma and her beau.


So that we may be blessed once again here with happy growls and puppy squeaks from the whelping box.


On another depressing note, Barb and I are saddened to report that Cam, a seven year old from Abby’s second litter, passed away last Friday due to cancer. He fought a valiant fight with months of chemotherapy and boundless love from his family. Our thoughts and prayers are with Lisa and Tom and their children during this very tough time.