Change Is In the Air Again


Our little slice of the world, here in New England, was full of amazing color contrasts during our early morning run today. The orange and reds were still brilliant on the trees surrounding the fields, while a crunchy frost blanketed the playing fields like a thin carpet of snow.

FallFrost2.jpg FallFrost3.jpg

The physical exercise and crisp air is energizing, but even more satisfying are the happy smiles you can see on our dogs’ faces as they celebrate these priceless moments of real freedom and playtime.


Most of my thoughts and energies this week have been taken up in preparation for a return to the Dominican Republic on Saturday morning. We have assembled another team of very talented men and women to render as much Surgical, operative Gyn, and OB care as possible in one week. It is amazing to see a full surgical OR take shape in about four hours of hard work with the supplies we bring and the larger equipment that is already in the country. This year we will be going to the mountainous central part of the Dominican where poverty and no access to quality health care is just as prevalent as the desert area we visited last year. The local population has already been informed of our coming, and the lines of needy people I expect will be long and heartrending. This kind of work pushes you way outside your usual comfort zone, and the hazards of being there are real. I especially hope not to end up in the hospital again upon my return like I did last time. (See the post “Of This and That“). In the paper today, it mentioned that the entire Dominican Republic of nine million plus people, lost power yesterday as the result of an unexpected storm. When away from the self contained luxury resorts, life there is as precarious as their utilities.
So this morning, the solitude on the fields was especially important to me, while I contemplated the upcoming hardships and joys yet to be experienced, and at the same time worried about the safety of these folks who I am responsible for, on a mission a fair number have never undertaken.

Unbelievably, at that very moment, the rising of the sun struck the dogs and fields in an unexpected brilliant glow that was almost spiritual. With such a sudden, unanticipated, beautiful moment, I had the certain thought that there is a greater being than ourselves out there, and that everything will work out.

FallFrost5.jpg FallFrost6.jpg

So this will be the last post until I return. We plan to ultrasound our Riley this Friday before I leave, and again when I return. I will try to put up a quick note about the results on Friday evening for all those waiting to hear.