Emma’s Pups Become Young Adults

We’ve been getting some great photos from the owners of a number of Emma’s puppies from her litter last December. I thought it would be fun sharing them with everyone.

First, Ken Muccino forwarded some images of Rosie with her older buddy Holly.

Rosie10.07_3_.jpg Rosie10.07_2_.jpgRosie10.07_1_.jpg

Then Janet and Andy sent a photo of Logan enjoying the end of the summer and their pool.
And my cousin Ron and his Barb just forwarded a few action shots of their Maggie and Sandy at the Newfield Dam.

RonsGirlsNewfieldDam10.JPG RonsGirlsNewfieldDam2.JPGRonsGirlsNewfieldDam1.JPG


Three of our friends/clients were able to take advantage of Cindy Jones’ litterful of girls. It won’t be long before these young ladies are enjoying their new homes.


As for our Riley and her possible pregnancy, the wait continues. I expect to do an ultrasound at the end of next week before I leave on my mission trip. Puppies in the basket would make such a nice departure gift.