Sharing The Fun


Our youngest golden is “Lucy”, and she is already eight months old. Until recently her attitude had been way reserved and quiet. Now that she is almost as big as the rest of the clan though, she has become much more playful and initiates mischief with the older dogs. In fact she usually will go from one to an other trying her playful attitude on each of her older family members until she has gotten a response from someone. From the photos below you can see just how varied her attitude is whether indoors or out.

LucyMoments113.jpg LucyMoments115.jpgLucyPlaying1.jpg



LucyPlaying4.jpg LucyPlaying5.jpgLucyPlaying8.jpg

LucyPlaying6.jpg LucyPlaying7.jpg

Sharingthefun123.jpg Sharingthefun124.jpgSharingthefun126.jpg

A very happy and well adjusted young lady I would say!