On a Lighter Note

As you can see by the topics of the recent blogs, we have lots of small fry wildlife around our home. Recently I have been following the behavior of a grey squirrel in our backyard. I clearly remember the tale of the three little pigs and their houses of straw, wood, and brick. But I hadn’t thought this extended to squirrels. One little fellow has made a nest for himself in one of the bird houses in the backyard. He has a traditional nest about 100 feet up in the tops of a nearby oak tree, but likes to hang out in the birdhouse.


I’m not sure if he is motivated by staying dry or warm, but his decision seems like a smart idea to me. The hole in the birdhouse used to be the size of a robin’s egg, but you can see he has done some remodeling. It will be interesting to see if he starts storing acorns there with the change of the season coming.

So first we had a smart mouse that eluded our dogs by swimming into the waterfall rocks and hiding. Now a squirrel that likes to live in houses. I wouldn’t be surprised to find a chipmunk named Alvin singing from the birdbath stand soon. Evolution at work apparently.

Of course it was impossible to get a photo of the dogs with the squirrel. That would have been messy. So here instead, is a photo of our two year old Riley and eight month old Lucy chilling out next to me this week in the family room. They were very content to watch their family members at play in the kitchen.
Everyone here is anxiously awaiting the start of Riley’s overdue heat, as well as the report card on Solo’s hip XRays from OFA.