Toweling Off and Front Yard Watching

The dog days of summer are obviously here in force now. With their thick coats, our goldens get hot even with the early morning times for their exercise. So they are very patient when we get back to the driveway. Each calmly waiting their turn for me to dry off their sweat, dirt, and excitement.



After that is accomplished, they all get cool water to drink along with a small treat.

Then, after their cooling off period is over, they like to sit out in the front yard to watch the goings on in our neighborhood. On a recent pretty morning, I took these photos while I was working in the front flower bed. In the last photo, it looks like they have all directions covered. As soon as an animal, bird, dog or passerby is spotted, they gather at the edge of the invisible fence line and start up some noise until their territory is safe once again.

GroupPicture1.jpgGroupPicture2.jpg GroupPicture3.jpg


Breeding News Update: We just got word that Riley’s sister is in heat. She lives with one of our breeder friends. So hopefully Riley herself will be following suit very soon. Next week we have an appointment to get Solo’s hips and elbows XRayed. This is the final clearance Solo needs to be a qualified mother. The results will take about two to three weeks to come back from the national clearinghouse center. Will keep everyone updated.