Mission Visitors

We are planning another medical mission trip to the Dominican Republic for the first week of November. My first mission experience last fall was eye opening and life changing. Click on “Of This and That” to read the post that I wrote after that life event.

For this mission we will be on the coast in a town called Rio San Juan. A surgical team just came back from there, and reported that the tarantulas are texas sixed, along with the mosquitoes and sea crabs. Our mash unit looks to be composed of seven OB/GYN’s, eight surgeons, two podiatry residents, one medical student, assorted nurses with varying expertise, and several non medical helpers. I am very happy to report that my son Brian, will be joining us from NYC, as a helper, as well as his good friend Hilarie who is a medical student. My nephew Mike, who wants to be a physician assistant is also coming along as a helper.

A few nights ago, Tracy, one of our local pharmaceutical reps and veteran nurse, came by the house. With her came Dr. Hal, an OB/GYN from the Seattle area who is visiting family on the East Coast. Tracy and Hal will both be coming as part of the team. I wanted to show them the photo album from the last mission so they would have a better idea of what they are in for physically and medically.

MissionVisitors5.jpg MissionVisitors3.jpg

Of course our dogs gave them a golden welcome. Riley still thinks she is a puppy and likes to cuddle on people’s laps. Lucy our pup made Hal feel very welcome as well. Both Tracy and Hal are Corgi owners, and as dog people they felt right at home with our canine family. We usually don’t allow our animals to behave quite so unladylike unless dog lovers come over.


I think they went home feeling excited about the upcoming trip, as well as warm and fuzzy from all the attention they received from our goldens.