A Pug Comes To Visit


When our daughter Kris came home for the weekend, along with her came her ultra- energetic young pug named Pearl. There is always an adjustment in the pack with a new dog on the scene. This time she got along with everyone except Emma who I guess felt that Pearl was not acting submissive enough. So we just kept those two separated and there was peace among everyone else. Pearl promptly fell in the pool while Barb and I were doing yard chores. (Although some would say it probably happened when Barb was scrubbing the pool and turned quickly hitting her with the handle of the long pool broom!). She can swim which is good to know. Not that she liked it as much as our girls.

FirstSwim13.jpg FirstSwim10.jpg

The golden girls promptly made themselves at home near the edge of the pool. Solo was the only one to paddle around much. I expect that will change as the summer weather continues to heat up.

FirstSwim3.jpg FirstSwim5.jpgFirstSwim4.jpg

We should give some air time to our cat, Fievel, who turned twenty years old recently. Still catching things and leaving them on our doorstep, she only weighs in at about four pounds now. Hasn’t lost her zest for life by any means.

Although this is a golden retriever blog, I just had to end this post with a close up of the mug that only a mother could love…

FirstSwim7.jpg FirstSwim8.jpgFirstSwim9.jpg

Pearl is very devoted to my daughter. Needless to say she went home to Boston exhausted from all the unusual activity she experienced this weekend.