Wet Ball Play


Summer is officially here and our pool is finally almost functional. The pool has come a long way from the dirty pond water we found when we took off the cover in May.


The crystal clear water we have now almost seduces you to forget the month of daily expensive obstacles to getting to this point. For those of you who have never had a pool,
they are very expensive water features that cause lots of frustrating moments until everything is working. From water chemistry to pump problems, electrical issues to gas line clogs, leaking water pipes to mice ruining the heater mechanism, if anything can possibly go wrong it will. Getting quality service people here in a timely fashion is another impossible task. Now that our children are grown, every year Barbara asks when we are in the middle of another pool crisis, can we fill it in now?

Every year I say no, mostly because of the happy memories we have shared with family, neighbors, and dogs.

This past weekend was one of those nice moments. The water was clear, most of the pool features were working, and the dogs were enjoying their tennis balls in the enclosed hot tub space (one of the nonworking issues at the moment).

BallPlay1.jpgBallPlay3.jpg BallPlay4.jpg

BallPlay5.jpg BallPlay6.jpgBallPlay7.jpg


Lily our eight year old has never been interested in the water, while Emma and Riley are content to wade up to their legtops. Solo is a definite water bug and the puppy so far has found more interesting adventures in the yard like chewing and digging rather than swimming. Now if only we had California weather so this hard yard work was productive of more than two to three months enjoyment before the season changes again…