Weeding Chores


Watching me work is a favorite pastime of Riley and Solo.

Weeding1.jpg Weeding2.jpgWeeding4.jpg

But they all took a more active role the other day when I was trying to straighten out one of the garden beds.


Weeding6.jpg Weeding7.jpg

Not content with just eating plants, they started digging and chewing. They also have this knack of laying just where you are working, oblivious to what you are trying to accomplish. Helps keep a perspective that weeding is not something to be enjoyed in big doses. Much more important chores to be done, like napping or guarding the yard.


PS. One of my physician friends bought a pretty black lab from the “reputable” puppy store here in the valley about 10 months ago. She told me when I bumped into her yesterday that her dog has bilateral hip dysplasia already. The price people pay when they can’t wait to get a dog from a quality breeder keeps on increasing as the puppy grows older. My friend will do anything to keep her animal healthy, but breeding for profit without a committment to quality, makes me very angry. And it is the animals that pay the ultimate price.