Riley’s Litter Update: May 2007


Hi. I don’t want any of our upcoming clients to be thinking that we have forgotten them. Some of you filled out the puppy questionaire months ago. So here is an update on Riley.

Riley Looking For Adventure_1.jpg

She is looking great and feeling good. She is a big boned female with the heart of a gentle lioness. She weighed in at about 78 pounds two months ago, but with the increased exercise lately and watching the kibble, she is down to 72 pounds. We recently did a Snap 4DX blood test for heartworm, Lyme, and Erhlichea to be sure there wouldn’t be any weird infections that could make her breeding cycle a bust. She passed all with flying colors.

We just got an updated photo of her blind date to be, Rudder, courtesy of Cindy Jones of Goldenjoy kennels. He had a recent sperm test and is just fine. All beefcake!

So as best as we can possibly determine, we expect good results from Riley’s mating when her heat comes in in the next several months. I will be emailing the top eight folks who have submitted questionnaires by the end of this week and inquire as to their continued interest. We cannot at this time give you really a line number. Barb and I co-own Riley with two of our breeding friends. I had to do some old fashioned horse trading to get them to part with her. We all recently re-read the contract we signed two years ago. They each have first dibs on a puppy if they choose. So their decision could affect where people stand in line. At this time I do not believe either one will choose a puppy. Our average litter size has been nine to ten. The cost of one of these pups will be 1300$.

Our next litter mom, Solo, will have her hips Xrayed this summer after her second birthday in June, to complete her breeding requirements.

We continue to turn away potential owners to be sure that we do justice to those who have kept faith in us by waiting these long months.

Again, I will contact the top eight families on our list by the end of next weekend. If any have changed their plans, I will continue down the list. Once this is done, I will then notify the next eight potential owners so they know where they stand with Solo’s litter. Have a nice week.